Chiropractic care focuses on restoring and maintaining the health of your joints, muscles and nerves through the use of an adjustment. A spinal adjustment can restore normal movement, relieve pain and stimulate higher function of your brain and nervous system resulting in a renewed sense of vitality. All our chiropractic appointments can be booked by calling (416) 815-9595.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapists employ a variety of hands-on techniques to assess and treat the soft tissues and joints of the body. Improved circulation of blood and lymph, decreased pain and inflammation, improved mobility, relaxation and stress reduction are all positive effects of therapeutic massage.


Osteopathy is a non-invasive, safe and effective manual therapy. It is a complete system of assessment, treatment and integration of all the body's systems and tissues. Osteopathic Manual Practitioners maintain, improve or restore the normal physiological function of interrelated body structures and systems.


Naturopathic medicine provides a non-invasive approach to health that promotes the body's innate healing potential. Naturopathic Doctors seek to find the cause of illness rather than simply suppressing the symptoms that are present.

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